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Onboarding guide

Join the Tebi community! This step by step guide will help you sign up and get started.

Set up your account

The very first thing you need to do is set up your account:

Start onboarding

You are now ready to start onboarding.

  • Set up Tebi Payments to process your payments and pay out your funds. By using Tebi Payments the terminal and app are fully integrated, saving you a lot of time.
    • Please note: once you’ve completed the Tebi Payments process, Adyen will verify the information provided. Once approved, you can order your terminals.
  • Start making payments and order a terminal (optional).

Set up your business with Tebi

Next, set up your business with Tebi.

Start doing business

Download the app and use the Tebi Guide: getting started, to help from unboxing your hardware to doing your first sale!