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Tebi Payments Explained

What is the payment process?

If you make use of Tebi Payments, your payment provider will be Adyen. Adyen is required to perform checks on all new customers before they can process your payments and pay out your funds. These checks are performed as part of a set of guidelines that financial institutions need to follow to verify the identity and potential risk of a new customer.

Why is it important to complete the payment process?

You need to complete this process before you can start accepting card payments. Without this, you won’t be able to order payment terminals, process any payments with Tebi Payments or receive payouts.

This process generally takes between three to seven business days. It can take longer depending on the products you sell and the complexity of your application. We strongly recommend starting at least two weeks before you want to launch with Tebi. Keep an eye on your email inbox as we will send updates to your application there.

What information do you need to provide?

During the payment process, Adyen verifies that you provide accurate information about your business and its decision makers.

Tebi will guide you through the payment process during the onboarding phase. You can check the status of your payment process in the Tebi Back Office.

1. Business information

To prepare your account, we need information about your business and the decision makers. Start with providing company details:

  • Name and country
  • Company structure
  • Registration details
  • Address

Continue by adding decision makers. Provide the information of the owners, controlling persons, and signatories in your company. Keep in mind that one person may hold multiple roles. Note: it is required to add at least one owner and/or controlling person, and one signatory. For each decision maker you should have ready:

  • Personal details
  • Address
  • ID document such as a passport or driver’s license

2. Payout details

To set up your account, let us know where to send the money you receive from card payments. Provide:

  • The details of a bank account where the deposits should be made
  • Upload a scan of a bank statement

3. Sign official documentation

To complete this process, review and sign the following documents:

  • Services agreement
  • PCI DSS questionnaire - The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards questionnaire helps you to secure cardholder data and maintain your customer’s trust