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Close your business day: actions and reporting

When you’re ready to close your business for the day, you can reconcile cash, tip out team members and visualize reports to give you insights into your daily sales. Go to the day overview to see your sales performance during the day in real-time; see a preliminary result of the day and check the previous days’ performances.

Cash Management

If you have cash enabled as a payment method, under the Cash Management menu in the app, you can manage:

  • Cash Expenses: you can register unexpected cash expenses while running operations.
  • Cash Movements: you can register cash added to and removed from the cash drawer.
  • Cash Drawer: you can count cash at the beginning, during, and at the end of each business day.
  • Cash Tips Payout: enables you to payout tips from the cash drawer. Tebi gives you flexibility for when to pay out your tips in cash. Make sure to go to the Cash Tips Payout screen and tap Payout cash tips every time you pay out the tips in cash. In this way, you ensure that your cash count is always correct.

Read the Cash Management help article to discover this feature in detail.

The default business day starts at 6 am and ends at 6 am the following day. Such timing ensures that your revenue and reporting are booked on the correct day. If your type of business requires extended hours, please reach out to [email protected] and request a change.