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Terminal error message: TAMPER

If your terminal displays an error message containing the word ‘TAMPER’ or ‘TAMPERED’, stop using the device immediately. The tamper message means that the terminal detected a security breach. The terminal will have to be replaced.

To order a new terminal, go to the Tebi Back Office > Terminals. For more explanation, go to the article How to order a terminal.

While you wait for your new terminal to arrive, we recommend you to use QR payments or Tap to Pay.

QR Payments

You can print receipts with a QR code, allowing the customer to pay with iDeal or Credit Card. To enable QR payments, go to the Back Office > Tools > Settings and check the box for QR payments. Then click Save.

Go to the article Setting up and using QR Ordering for more information.

Tap to Pay

If you’d like to use the option to accept payments through Tap to Pay, go to the article Setting up Tap to Pay on iPhone for more information.