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Setting up your reservation email and widget

In the Tebi Back Office, you can configure the design of your widget and the information that customers will receive when making a reservation.

Customize the appearance of your reservation email

  • Go to Reservations > Appearance.
  • Customization: Pick a color for your widget.
  • Confirmation email to guests:
    • Fill in your business details.
    • Contact email and phone number: Set an email address where you will receive notifications about reservations such as new reservations, cancellations, and updates. Optional: A phone number that guests can reach you at.
    • Website: Enter the website address on which you want the widget to appear.
    • Turn toggle on to add a custom Google Maps link.
    • Turn toggle on to include a custom message.
    • Turn toggle on to include a message for larger groups.
  • When finished with filling in all your details, click Save changes.

Installing your Tebi Reservation Widget

  • Go to Reservations > Widget.
  • Widget installation: This source code is necessary to install the widget on your website.
  • Optional custom links: Code to add custom links to your website to open the widget.
  • Optional share link: link to share with guests. Also possible to embed the URL on your website.
  • Optional Wordpress plugin: token to add on Wordpress.
reservations widget.