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Setting up your reservation widget and communications

In this section you can configure the design of your widget and information that customers will see when reserving.

  1. Go to Reservations > Setup in the Tebi Back Office.
  2. Choose a color for the buttons in your widget in ‘Theme color’.
  3. Set an email address where you will receive notifications about reservations such as new reservations, cancellations and updates..
  4. Enter the website address on which you want the widget (see image below) to appear.
  5. You can enable a waitlist, email notifications for new reservations and enable time gaps between reservations on the same table.
  6. You can also add extra information about how customers can find your business. This will be displayed on the reservation confirmation emails.
  7. If you want large groups to contact you rather than reserving via the widget, then add extra information in the ‘Message for large groups’.
  8. The ‘Install’ section at the top of the page gives you the links and code needed to install the widget on your website. Copy the code and paste it in the source code of your website, before the closing body tag </body> of every page where you want the reservations widget to appear.
reservations widget.