Troubleshooting tips

Below are some initial steps you should try if you run into an issue while using Tebi. Please go through the following before starting more specific troubleshooting actions as in many cases one of these will resolve the issue.

Check your connection to the internet

Although it works offline, Tebi always operates best with a reliable connection to the internet. The notification bar will turn red if you lose connection to the internet while using Tebi.

If using Wi-Fi:

If using mobile data:

Update to the latest version of Tebi

Tebi makes regular changes and some of these can have an impact on how the app works. That’s why it’s important to always use the newest Tebi version. Follow the steps in this article to update Tebi to the latest version.

Close and restart the app

Sometimes a quick restart of the app will get things back running normally. To close and restart:

Restart device

If restarting the app doesn’t resolve your issue, turn your device on and off again, then open the Tebi App.

Clear cache / app data

On rare occasions, if the steps above have not worked you can choose to clear Tebi’s cache and app data. This process clears out files and configuration information that has been stored on the device.

Important: Any changes made to your Tebi account while offline will be lost if you clear the app data. We strongly recommend connecting to the internet and clearing the app data after all changes have synced. This usually takes 15 minutes after reconnecting to the internet.

To clear the cache and app data: