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Adding products in bulk

You can upload a product spreadsheet (.xlsx) in the Tebi Back Office. This will overwrite any and all existing products in your list and archive all of them. You should only do this when:

  • You have not yet added any products to your ledger, and you have a large number of products to add, or
  • You are editing and adding to a version of the Product List that is already uploaded to the ledger.

Show the Back Office page where the product list bulk upload is possible

To add products in bulk:

  • Go to Products > Product List in the Tebi Back Office.
  • You should always use a Tebi Product List template when uploading. Click Export, this will download a list of your existing products (or an empty template if you haven’t added any products yet).
  • Add your product information to each column in a spreadsheet program like Google Sheets or Excel.
  • To add your new products to Tebi, click Import and select your file.
  • Your products will be uploaded - it’s always a good idea to check your new products to ensure they are complete, any omissions can be added in the Tebi Back Office manually or on the Tebi app.

Now that you have created your first batch of products in Tebi, you can add modifiers or move on to adding the finishing touches to your account.