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Setting up the Sale Screen

This article explains how to create a sales experience that works for your business by adding and arranging the products that are shown on the Sale Screen.



Views are the pages or tabs that show the product tiles within the Sale Screen. A View can be created and deleted without any effect on the products shown within it.

2. Products

Products in the Sales Screen are represented by tiles. These tiles show the product name and price by default and can be customized with colors or shorter names.

3. Product groups

Products can also be grouped and shown as a list. This is useful for products that might not be ordered as often and for expanding the products available on the Sales Screen.

Product groups use tags to filter down the products to be shown. After creating a group and selecting more than one tag, only the products that contain both tags will be included in the group.

4. Tags (not shown)

Tags are used to cluster products together for use in sales and reporting. You might create and add tags by the type of product (e.g., coffees), by order frequency (e.g., fast movers) or by some other role that the products play (e.g., upselling).

How to setup the Sale Screens

Adding, editing and removing Sale Screens on a tablet

Enter and exit editing mode

  • With the new product views setting turned on, go to the Sale Screen
  • Hold down the View name tab - this will be “Untitled” the first time you use it - until you enter editing mode
  • To exit editing mode press Done editing

Add, edit and remove Views

  • Enter editing mode
  • To add a new View, press ⊕︀ Add view then type the name of the View and press Done
  • To rearrange the order of a View, long press the View name and drag and drop it left or right
  • To change the name of a View, tap the View name
  • To remove a View, press the White ‘x’ on the right of the View name

Adding products, product groups and search tiles

Add products to a View

  • Enter editing mode
  • Tap a tile and select Add a product, then select the product you want to add
  • Select a color and add a display name for your product then press Done
  • To reposition, long press the tile and drag then drop the product to a new position

Add groups to a View

  • Enter editing mode
  • Tap a tile and select Add a new group
  • Select the tags you want to filter by to create the group (note: tags are combined to filter, so in a group with tags A and B, a product must have both to be included)
  • You can fill in a display name of up to eight characters or leave the default four character display name
  • Select a color for your product then press Done
  • If you want to move it, long press the tile and drag then drop the group to a new position

Remove products or groups from a View

  • Enter editing mode
  • Tap the White ‘x’ on the right of the product or group you want to remove

Setting up the Sale Screen on mobile

  • You will need to setup new Sales Views on mobile to make use of the smaller Grid and screen size
  • To enter edit mode on mobile, long press the name of the View
  • You can add products and product groups as normal to the mobile 3x3 Grid


Below we’ve shown some examples of how you might configure the new Sale Screen:

  • Favorites first: Put your most sold products on the front View with more specific items on other less used Views
  • By menu: Create a View for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with items appearing in the same order as the menu
  • By product type: Divide your products like wine, spirits, beers into their own View to quickly select the most sold in each type