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Help! My printer does not work

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Is the printer on?
  2. Are the cables connected?
  3. Is the adaptor connected?
  4. Are the relevant lights on for the connection you want to use it with?
  5. Is the printer connected? a. Bluetooth and USB devices: on the Android tablet, go to Settings > Connected devices > see if your device is connected b. Network printers: turn the printer off and on again. A receipt should print telling you the connection status specific for the printer.
  6. You did not use the device for an extended period of time? Wi-Fi and bluetooth will go into sleep mode if the device is not used for an extended period of time, to save energy. It may take some time to reconnect once you start using the device again, which may be the reason tickets don’t print.
  7. Is your printer connected with a USB cable? You can connect your printer to only one device. That means print assignments from other devices that are not connected will not be printed. Hence, you can only print from the device that is connected to your printer.
  8. Print a test receipt. Go to Settings > Printing > Printer selection > Print test receipt. If a receipt is printed, but your problem isn’t solved yet then it’s a configuration issue. a. If you want to print receipts or prep station tickets, go to Connecting your printer b. If you want to print a prep station ticket, go to Adding a Prep Station
  9. If no test receipt is printed: a. Deselect all the selected printer jobs b. Go back to Printer selection c. If your printer works and is connected properly it should still appear in the list of available printers d. Select the printer > Print test receipt e. If it does not show in the list of available printers, go back to step 1 tot 4 f. If that does not solve the issue, the printer is probably broken

Tips for common printing issues

Tips for common printing issues:

  • We do not recommend using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect your printer.
  • Use the internet cable (Ethernet cable) to connect your printer. This is the most reliable way to connect to the internet.
  • Use tie wraps or tape to secure your adaptors and wires so that they cannot accidentally be unplugged.
  • If the printer doesn’t work after a power outage do a test print receipt. If it doesn’t work, reconfigure the printer under the tablet Settings > Connected device. After a power outage, a new USB address may be made, which is why the printer does not recognize the printer anymore.