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Reviewing your Settings on the Tebi App

Here we’ll go through how to adjust (i) your business address, (ii) the type of service, payment and Floor Plan, (iii) the language, (iv) the address and logo printed on your receipts, (v) your customer-facing display, (vi) QR ordering options, and (vii) adding users in the app.


(i) To change your business address:

  • In the app, go to Settings, then About.
  • Fill in your business address in the Merchant info section.
  • By default, this is the address used on your receipts.
  • This is also where you will find your Accounting settings (e.g., base currency and tax rates), based on the information provided during the onboarding process.
  • This is also where you will find your Device info.


Type of service and Sale Screen settings

  • In the app, go to Settings, then Preferences.
  • Go to Sales mode and select:
    • Counter sales if customers order from you directly. When the sale is completed, the next sale will start automatically. Useful for retail stores, bakeries and coffee stands.
    • Service sales if you are serving multiple customers with the same POS at the same time.You can start a payment and can move on to the next sale while payments are in progress. Useful for cafes and restaurants with multiple staff member and limited POS devices.
  • Turn on the Prompt customer name for new sale switch to make adding a customer name to each sale a requirement.
  • Enable the Prompt table number for new sale to require a table to be selected before creating a sale.
  • Enable seat numbering when taking orders.
    • Use the arrows in the Sales order to move between seats when adding products.
    • The seat number will be added to a product as a note and will be sent to to the prep station.
  • Turn on the Set the last used product grid tab as default switch if you want to return to the same Sale Screen that you last used when adding a product to your invoice. If the switch is turned off you will return to the first Sale Screen by default.

Payment Preferences

  • You have the option to turn on the Ask for tip on payment terminal switch.
  • Select receipt type after payment options Print or QR code. * The selected receipt type will be automatically prompted after payment.
    • By scanning the QR code you will receive the invoice as a PDF document.
    • If you selected Print as the preferred payment option, you can still view the digital receipt by clicking on the three dots on your invoice screen and clicking on View digital receipt.
  • Select Quickpay options Card or Cash.

Floor Plan Preferences:

  • Use Show amount due on Floor Plan to show the amount remaining for sales on the Floor Plan card
  • Show sale notes will use the content from a sale note as the title for a Floor Plan card
  • When Allow invoices outside tables switch is turned on, a sale must be added to a table when it is created and moved on the Floor Plan. Otherwise sales can be created anywhere in the Floor Plan.
  • Show reservations on tables will display information about upcoming reservations on the Table Grid
  • Show sales toolbar displays a shortcut toolbar with access to upcoming reservations and other sales on the Table Grid
  • Use Indicate when sale has not been attended to set times for highlighting sales that have not been opened in a while. Sales will be outlined in yellow (warning) or red (critical) based on the times you set.

The Appearance:

  • Tap Theme and select on the theme options
    • Dark mode - A darker theme which will stand out less in low light or dim lighting
    • Light mode - Uses a brighter colour palette which helps reduce glare
    • Follow device settings - This will choose light or dark mode depending on the device settings. Usually light mode in the day, dark mode at night.

To enable sound:

  • switch on the ‘Mute’ toggle


(iii) To change the language and date formats used in Tebi:

  • In the app, go to Settings, then Language.
  • Select Device settings to make changes in the app your staff use or Customer-facing settings to make changes to the customer-facing display.
  • Turn off the Use systems settings switch.
  • Select the language you would like to use (only Italian or English are available at the moment).
  • Select the clock style and date format.


For more information on how to set up your payment terminal, go to the article Setting up a payment terminal.


(iv) To add a logo for use on your receipts and in the customer-facing display or change the address shown when printing receipts:

  • In the app, go to Settings, then Printing.
  • Press Printer selection and find the available printers. learn how to connect your printers here.
    • Click on the printer and select the printer jobs for the connected printer: receipts for sales and reports or Tickets for prep station
    • Click on the wheel icon to select the number of receipts, set the margin and the font size
  • Update the address in the Receipt customization section.
  • Update the message shown at the bottom of the receipt in the Tagline section.
  • Upload a logo by pressing Upload business logo.
  • Turn on the QR payments toggle if you would like to show a QR Payment code on receipts.
  • Print a ticket number on receipt. You have the following options:
    • Disable (ticket number will not appear on receipt)
    • Two digits
    • Three digits
  • Show name of staff member on the receipt or prep station ticket
  • Show or hide product and sale notes on receipts

Prep stations

For more information to add prep stations, go to Adding a Prep Station.

Customer-Facing Display

(v) Let’s setup a customer-facing display.

QR Ordering

(vi) Two adjustment to your QR ordering can be made here to help you run a more smooth QR service:

  • Turning the QR Menu and ordering on and off with a simple toggle.
  • Selecting which payment method you want for your various areas: either before or after service.


(vii) To add users and set user roles:

  • In the app, go to Settings, then Users.
  • Tap Add User ⊕︀ in the top right corner.
  • Fill in the user details.
  • Select the desired level of access this user will be granted in the app. View permissions granted to roles.

Your settings are now configured.