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Setting up reservations

Set up capacity in the floor plan

Use the Floor Plan to set up the minimum and maximum group size for each table in your establishment.

  1. Go to Floor Plan > Tools > Tables tab
  2. For each table, select whether it is reservable and set the minimum and maximum group size
floor plan tables.

Set up table groups in the floor plan (optional)

Use this to create capacity for situations where you can combine tables together to cater for groups. For example, in the image below the tables in the ‘bar group’ can be used together to cater for groups of between 2 and 10 people.

  1. Go to Tools > Floor Plan > Table Groups tab.
  2. Click Add table group, type in a name for the group and draw a box around the tables you want to combine. The modifier box is used to change the amount of capacity as a result of moving tables. For example if you move two four top tables together then you lose 2 spaces. Enter -2 in this case.
floor plan table group.

Set up services

Services are what your customers will be reserving for, whether a meal service, a haircut or a workshop.

  1. Go to Reservations > Services in the Tebi Back Office and select New service.
  2. Enter a name (e.g.: “Lunch” or “Dinner”), optional description and image for the service. This will be shown to customers in the reservation widget.
  3. Select the duration of the service.
  4. You can also add a prepayment and select whether this is per guest or reservation and determine the cancellation window in which customers will receive a refund if they cancel.

Configure availability

Availability is managed via availability schedules. These schedules can be used across multiple services to determine when customers can reserve and to guide or limit capacity for the services involved.

  1. Go to Reservations > Availability in the Tebi Back Office and select Create new availability schedule.
  2. Select the services you want the schedule to apply to.
  3. Select whether your guests will be seated at tables. If you do not use this, table capacity will not be used when calculating whether a customer can make reservations.
  4. The ‘Limiting the number of guests’ section can be used to reduce the total number of guests who can reserve and is based on your table capacity. Reduce the numbers here if you would like to save some capacity for walk-ins.
  5. You can also select the maximum and minimum number of guests who can reserve in a group. This is useful if you want to limit large groups from reserving.
  6. Select at least one of the weekdays to which you want the availability schedule to apply.
  7. ‘Only available between these dates (not required)’ and ‘Pause between these dates (not required)’ can be used to open or close reservations between certain dates.
  8. Use ‘Booking window’ to adjust how far in advance people can reserve and the latest time which they can reserve.

Pacing & closed days

To reduce overloading your staff you can limit the number of groups who arrive at once with the pacing feature. To set up pacing:

  1. Go to Reservations > Pacing in the Tebi Back Office
  2. Set a default pacing limit
  3. Use the Adjust pacing if you want to change the pacing frequency for a particular time and day of the week

If your business is temporarily closed, you can make this known by creating a closed days period under Reservations > Closed days in the Tebi Back Office. This will stop all reservations for the closed period window.