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Recommended hardware list

Tebi runs on the Android operating system. For an optimal experience, we recommend purchasing hardware from the following list:

Samsung Tablets

Tablet stands

Payment Terminals

Order terminals from the Tebi Back Office after you’ve completed your Tebi Payments signup. See the Getting started with Tebi Payments page for more information on signing up for Tebi Payments.


Make sure you select the connection you are going to use for your setup! If you want to use bluetooth, select the version with bluetooth. However whenever possible we will always recommend ethernet.

Also see the Supported printers article for more models we support besides the recommended.

Barcode scanners

Elo Touch devices

POS touchscreen devices with Ethernet port:

You can order these from the Adivo webstore.

Cash drawers

  • EQT-410 or Epson 410. Requirements: 24v, RJ-11.

If you opt for another printer the options for cashdrawers can vary. Be sure to check whether both can work together.