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Adding product modifiers or notes to Tebi

Before we get started, a quick note about what product modifiers are. Think of modifiers as the add-ons or customizations that your customers can choose for a product. Perhaps it’s extra bacon on a burger or oat milk in a cappuccino. Tebi’s modifiers are quite flexible. A modifier can cost extra or it can be free. It can be optional or it can be mandatory. You can even apply multiple modifiers to a product at once.

Notes are a form of internal communication that can be used for allergies, dietary requirements or whether a coffee should be prepared in a to-go cup.

How do modifiers and notes work?

The product ‘Cappuccino’ takes modifiers: Whole milk, Oat milk and Soy milk. Each of these types of milk is first added as a product with the setting Modifier only set to ‘TRUE’. If you also want to sell the modifier as a separate product, leave the Modifier only switch turned off. Then, in the Tebi Back Office > Modifiers, these modifiers are assigned to the products they apply to, such as ‘Cappuccino’. See the example below:

Backoffice Discount Screenshot

To add product modifiers:

Backoffice Product List Screenshot
  • Ensure the setting Modifier only is turned on if the product is intended to be used as only a modifier.
Backoffice Product Modifier Toggle Screenshot
  • Go to Modifiers in the Tebi Back Office.
  • Press the Blue ⊕︀ to add a modifier group.
  • Note: you can not have both modifiers and notes in the same modifier group. If you want to add a product with both modifiers and notes, add two separate modifier groups, one for notes and one for modifiers.
Backoffice Modifier List Screenshot
  • Fill in the name of the group (e.g., Milk) and change the status to ACTIVE.
  • In the Modifiers field:
    • Search for and add the products you set up as Modifier only.
    • If we were adding milk types you would add “Oat”, “Soy”, etc. in this field.
  • Or, in the Notes field add notes that can be selected by default (e.g., to-go cup). Notes will be visible in the Grid, just like a modifier.
  • In the For products field:
    • Search for and add the base products to which you will apply the modifiers.
    • If we were adding milk types this would be “Cappuccino”, “Latte”, etc.
    • Note: you will not be able to see which modifiers have been applied to products in the Product list.
  • For the Show modifier pop-up, you can select the following options:
    • Never show - the modifier options will not automatically appear as a pop-up when you select a product in the Sale Screen. If you want to select a modifier, go to the Sale Screen and select the Edit ✎ button to add a modifier to the product.
    • Show with mandatory option selection - the modifier pop-up will show and the selection of a modifier is required
    • Show and allow to skip option selection - the modifier pop-up will show and will allow you to skip the selection of a modifier
App Sales Screen Edit Product Screenshet
  • Turn on the Multi-select field if you want to be able to select more than one modifier at the same time.
  • Turn on Select first by default if you want the first option from the Modifiers field above to be automatically added when the product is ordered.
  • Click Save and you’ve added your modifier group.

With your product modifiers added, it’s time to design your Floor Plan.