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Getting started guide - how to start using Tebi

Welcome to Tebi! Now that you’ve set up your account and received your hardware, it’s time to get you started. We will guide you through every step of the process, from unboxing your hardware to doing your first sale.

Unboxing your hardware

Congratulations! Your terminal is now ready to take payments 💰!

Log in to Tebi

  • Now let’s get your point of sale set up by logging into the Tebi App on your tablet or phone
  • You can also sign in to the app on a payment terminal to create sales, take payments, add products and more
  • Sign in and fill out your account in the Tebi Back Office, the administration hub of Tebi, this is where you set up your business and get detailed reports about how your business is performing

If you have any issues signing in, please contact us at [email protected].

Get ready to make your first sale

  • When you’ve signed in, you can add your first product in the Tebi App or Tebi Back Office
  • Add modifiers to customize orders and cater to customer preferences. Perhaps it’s extra bacon on a burger or oat milk in a cappuccino.
  • Now that you’ve added your first product and modifiers, let’s run through how to set up the Sale Screen, so that your staff can easily select products when processing orders.
  • With your Sale Screen set up, create a sale and see Tebi in action.

Well done! You’ve just seen how we can create sales in Tebi.

Find out more about what you can do with Tebi Sales, like:

Design and set up your Floor Plan

If you work with seating, we recommended you add a Floor Plan. With a Floor Plan you can assign invoices to a table and see where your guests are seated.

Set up your Prep Station

  • Add a Prep Station (kitchen display system) in the Tebi App to communicate your orders with the kitchen, bar, coffee counter, and/or other prep stations.
  • You can choose to set up a digital prep station or configure a printer to print prep order receipts.

Set up reservations with Tebi

Add user and review the App settings

  • Give your team access to the Tebi App and assign a role to control what each user can access. You can add new users through the Back Office or in the settings of the Tebi App.
  • Go through the rest of the settings to make sure the App is set up the way you want.

Alternative payment methods

  • If most of your payments are done by card or cash, you can set this as your QuickPay method. In this way you do not have to select the payment method after every sale, allowing you to take payments faster.
  • In case the normal payment flow doesn’t work, or a customer has forgotten their wallet, you can enable QR payments accept payments through Tap to Pay on iPhone.
  • Enable cash as a payment method. Tebi allows you to follow cash movement and keep count of cash and tips.
  • Create customer accounts for regulars or business partners, making it quick and easy to add them to sales, and allowing them to pay after delivery or service.

Terminal display

  • Enable tipping options by going to the Tebi Back Office > Terminals and head to Tipping on terminals. You can select up to four tipping options as a percentage of the total amount payable or a set amount in Euros.
  • You can also personalize the customer-facing display, to showcase your brand and blocking access to the Tebi App and other apps when a device is within reach of a customer.

Tebi administration

  • Find out more about how to access your financial data and generate reports: see Tebi administration.

Troubleshooting and support

If you’re facing any issues along the way, take a look at our troubleshooting articles or contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Congratulations! You’re now fully set up with Tebi. Feel free to reach out to us for feedback or questions.