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Charging to a customer account

Use customer accounts in situations where you allow a customer to pay after delivery or service. This might be regular customers you trust, your staff or some business accounts.

Charge a sale to a customer account

  • You can only charge to an account once you have created a customer. You can do that in the sale or learn more here.
  • Press pay on the sale you want to charge to account
  • Select ‘Charge account’ as payment method
  • If you have not already, select a customer or add a customer by tapping the ‘Customer’ field
  • Use the ‘Payment request’ field to choose whether to email them with a payment reminder immediately or not
  • Tap ‘Charge account’ to finish transferring the sale to their account

Review customer accounts

  • In Sales select the ‘Customer accounts’ tab 
  • Search, sort or scroll to find a customer account
  • Tap a row to view a list of sales that were charged to the account but not yet paid
  • You can tap a sale to view the individual products that were ordered

Send a payment reminder

  • In Sales select the ‘Customer accounts’ tab 
  • Find the customer account you want to send the reminder to
  • Tap the … and then tap ‘Send payment reminder’
  • An email will be sent to the customer’s email address with a link to pay the sale as well as a PDF with all the information about the sales applied to their account

Pay for a customer account

  • If the customer is at your business, they can also pay their account using cash, card or other payment methods you accept
  • In Sales select the ‘Customer accounts’ tab 
  • Find and open the customer account 
  • Tap ‘Pay’ and proceed as you would to pay a regular sale

Hints and tips

Keep in mind that customer accounts are not business-to-business invoices and they may not have all legally required information on the receipt or invoice. Best check with your accountant about your local requirements.

Customer accounts don’t have a cut off. That means you can keep adding to them even after the end of a month or after you’ve sent a payment reminder.