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Creating and sending invoices

Save sales to customer accounts and transform them to an invoice in one tap. Tebi Invoicing gives your customers flexible payment options including card, cash, or online payment, with the ability to send invoices straight to an external bookkeeping system.

Settings for invoices

  • Go to the Tebi Back Office > Invoicing and Enable invoicing
    • It is also possible to disable invoicing later on: scroll down to the bottom of Invoice Settings and click on Disable Invoicing.
  • Combine Sales toggle: choose to combine all of the sales in a customer account into a single summary invoice or keep them separate.
  • Manage invoice payment externally: choose whether to handle payments and reconciliation outside of Tebi for invoices. When enabled, you must fill in an external email address(es) under Send a copy to.
    • When you send an invoice with this option enabled, this will immediately mark an invoice as ‘Paid externally’ and no further action is required in Tebi.
    • Send a copy to: a copy of each invoice is sent to others in your team or to external systems like accounting systems
  • Use the business details section to add required invoice information such as your address, VAT number, and chamber of commerce
  • In Appearance, you can adjust the logo, add invoice prefixes, and add notes to be included on every invoice

Charge a sale to a customer account

  • Go to the Tebi App
  • Press Pay on the sale
  • Select Invoice as payment method
  • Select a customer or add a new customer by tapping the Customer field
  • Select whether you want to charge the costs to a new invoice or use an existing invoice.
  • Select whether you want to issue invoice now or defer sending invoice
  • Optional: add a note for the customer shown on the invoice
  • Tap Invoice
  • The sale will be closed in the Sales List (⁝≡) and will be visible in the Invoicing tab

Review invoices

  • Go to the Tebi App > Sales and select the Invoicing tab.
  • Search, sort or scroll to find the open sales:
    • status open: invoices have not been sent to the customer.
    • status sent: invoices have been sent but payment is outstanding.
  • You can tap a sale to view the individual products that were ordered.
  • Go to the back office > Invoicing to view your invoices. You can also preview and send invoices.

Send an invoice

  • In Sales select the Invoicing tab.
  • Status open: tap the and then tap Send invoice.
  • Status sent: tap the and then tap Send payment reminder.
  • An email will be sent to the customer’s email address with a link to pay the sale as well as a PDF with all the information about the sales applied to their account.

Pay for an invoice

  • If the customer is at your business, they can also pay their account using cash, card or other payment methods you accept.
  • In Sales select the Invoicing tab.
  • Find and open the customer account.
  • Tap Pay and proceed as you would to pay a regular sale.

Tips & Tricks

Customer accounts don’t have a cut off. That means you can keep adding to them even after the end of a month or after you’ve sent a payment reminder.