How to add or edit a user

Tebi allows you to enable fine grained access control for your employees. You can create users and assign a role to control what each user can access. Tebi allows you to add new users through the Tebi Back Office or the Tebi App. The Tebi support team will never add a new user to your ledger, this has to be done by the owner of the ledger.

Creating and managing users

In the Tebi Back Office:

  1. Log into the Tebi Back Office and go to Users.
  2. Click Create new user and fill in the fields:
  1. Click Save.

Note: the user still needs to create an account with the same email address via the sign in page in order to activate the account.

In the Tebi App:

  1. Log into the Tebi App and go to Settings.
  2. Click on Users.
  3. In the top right corner click Add User + and fill in the fields:
  1. Click Save.
modify user

View permissions granted to roles


Team Lead (including above)

Manager (including above)

Owner (including above)

Logging In as a User

When starting your ledger, you will be presented with the user login screen. Favorited users will appear in the quick-select. Enter your username and PIN to start using the ledger:

login user.

Switching Users

When you are done using the ledger, switch users to end your session. You can do that in the Menu () of the app:

switch user.

Allowing Temporary Access

When a user does not have access, a user who has access can temporarily grant permission to that particular feature for the logged in user. This prompt occurs anytime a user attempts to access a feature he or she does not have permission for. When the user finishes using that feature, they lose their temporary access:

elevate user permission