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Creating and managing customers

Store VIPs, regulars or all of your customers with Tebi to make it fast and easy to add them to sales. 

Creating a customer

  • You can create a customer from within a sale or from the Customers area
  • In a Sale, tap ‘Untitled’ then the ‘Customer name’ field
  • In the Customers area, tap the blue plus circle
  • Then select the type of customer and fill in their details

Adding a customer to a sale

  • In a Sale, tap ‘Untitled’ then the ‘Customer name’ field
  • Then you can search for the customer
  • If the customer does not exist yet, you can create one and then add them to the sale

Hints and tips

Take your relationship with your regulars to the next level by extending them store credit or tabs with the charge to customer account feature.

Hint: If you want to see the customer’s profile you can tap the 👁️ emoji next to the customer