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Setting up Tap to Pay on Android

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If you’d like to use the option to accept payments through Tap to Pay on Android, please follow the following steps:

  • You need to have accepted the Tebi Terms of Service and use Tebi Payments for this feature to work.
  • On an Android phone, go to the Playtore and download and get the Tebi app.
  • Open the App, log in to your ledger, and go to Settings.
Setting up tap to pay Android
  • Click on Tap to Pay on Android.
Activating tap to pay Android
  • Set the Terminal name. Terminal name is used to identify this device as a payment terminal in the Tebi POS app.
  • Click Activate Tap to Pay on Android. If you’re not logged in as a Manager or higher you will be prompted to get manager approval.
  • Once Tap to Pay has been activated, Go to Sales > Pay > Card > Terminal and select the device name.
  • You can now accept payments on your Android phone.

Note: there are additional costs associated with Android Tap to Pay payments.