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Add your first product in the Tebi Back Office

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There are three ways to add products to the app:

  • Manually add products through the Tebi App
  • Add products in bulk in the Tebi Back Office
  • Manually add products in the Tebi Back Office, as explained below

Create the product in the Tebi Back Office

  • In the Tebi Back Office, go to Tools > Product List
  • Press the blue ⊕︀ to add a new product
Backoffice Product List Screenshot

Fill in the fields to create your product:

  • Image: Upload an image. This will be visible in the products overview, or when you long press on a product tile on the Grid.
  • GTIN: Fill in the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), a universal ID for your product, found on the barcode of a product. To maintain consistency of your products and reports it is vital that GTINs are unique numbers and are only used for a single product:
    • GTIN is also known as EAN, UPC, ISBN and JAN.
    • If this field is left blank, a GTIN will be automatically generated by Tebi.
    • Note: Once the GTIN is created and the product has been saved, it cannot be changed.
  • Name*: Type the full name of your product. This will be used in reports and searches.
  • Short name: The short name is the display name for the product in the app:
    • This name will appear on the product button on the Sale Screen.
    • If left blank, the full name will appear by default.
  • Color: Select a color for the product tile in the Sale Screen.
  • SKU: Fill in the stock keeping unit (SKU), a unique identifier for your product:
    • SKUs are metadata and will not appear in the Tebi App.
    • If you don’t use SKUs, leave this field blank.
  • Status*: Select status ‘available’ if you want the product to be available for sale. Products with the status ‘draft’ or ‘not available’ will not be available for sale.
  • Description: Description can be used for extra information about your product that you cannot add in other fields:
    • E.g., add sales recommendations for staff so that they can answer questions on the product.
    • Whatever you enter here will become searchable from the Sale Screen, and visible in the product details in the Sale Screen when you long press a product.
  • Tags: Add tags if you want to organise your products into groups for display on the Sale Screen:
    • E.g., group all coffee products under one category by giving cappuccino, espresso and latte the tag coffee.
  • Tags are used for searching and discovering products.
  • Properties: Give your product properties (e.g., size or color) for more information. This will be visible when you long press on a product tile in the Sale Screen. Properties are used for searching and discovering products.
  • Categories for reporting: Add categories if you want to organize your products into groups for reporting purposes.
  • Sales price: Add the amount you will charge customers for your product, including or excluding tax depending on the tax type you select below.
  • Buying price (excl. tax)*: Add the amount it costs you to buy and/or make the product, excluding tax. Tebi uses this to calculate the margin on a product.
  • Tax type*: Select the tax rate for this product. This is the type of tax payable over your product or service. It can be VAT or sales tax, depending on your region.
  • Reduced tax part: For mixed-tax products, enter the amount of the sales price that should be charged at a reduced tax rate. E.g., you sell a gin tonic for €8. It is two products sold separately: gin (€5, VAT 21%) and tonic water (€3, VAT 9%). Under Reduced tax part put ‘3’.
  • Prep station: Select the Prep Station where this product is produced. When the product is ordered, a ticket will be sent to that station. Find out how to add a Prep Station.
  • Default course: Assign a product to a default course.
  • Preparation priority: Configure the order in which products will be shown in a prep ticket. Higher priority products will appear higher in the ticket.
  • Modifier only*: When ‘modifier only’ is switched on, this product is only available as a modifier on another product. If the switch is turned off the product will also be available as a stand-alone product. Find out how to add product modifiers.
  • Tap Save and your product will be completed.

*Mandatory fields

Add the product to the app

  • Go to Sales in the app and enter the Sales Screen.
  • Long press the View name tab to enter editing mode.
  • Tap a tile with ⊕︀ and select Add a product, then select the product you want to add.
Add Product to Sales Screen Screenshot
  • Select a color and add a display name (if you haven’t already done so in the Tebi Back Office) for your product then press Done.
  • To reposition, long press the tile and drag then drop the product to a new position.

Read this article to learn more about how to set up the Sales Views.