Using QuickPay

What is QuickPay

For most businesses, 80% of their payments use the same payment configuration. Configuring your payment after every sale is unnecessary, but flexibility is needed when you want to pick a different payment method. QuickPay allows you to take payments faster, so you can spend more time running your business.

How to set it up?

tebi app preferences quickpay quickpay card payments

How to use it?

In a sale, you use QuickPay by tapping the button with the icon. The icon represents your preferred payment method (card or cash).

quickpay payment button

Need a different payment method? Tap the … dot and choose a different payment configuration.

quickpay change payment method

Tapped QuickPay by mistake? A dialog will appear before the payment is finalized, where you can cancel the payment and configure it differently.

quickpay cancel payment