Setting up and using QR Ordering

Tebi QR Ordering lets your customers order directly from a simple, easy to use online ordering site. They can access the site via QR codes or from links on any social accounts or websites you own. There are three main features to Tebi QR Ordering: the online menu, table ordering and takeaway ordering. Each can be used on its own or separately.

The online menu shows which products you have available, including pricing, descriptions and categories.

Table ordering goes one step further and lets your customers order without the need for a staff member to walk by and take their order.

Takeaway works similar to table ordering but does not link orders to a particular table or area.

Setting up QR Rrdering

Creating your menu

Managing orders

Turn off ordering

About ecommerce payments

If you use QR Ordering or QR Payments then your customers will be paying with ecommerce payments. These payments have some important differences from card or cash point of sale payments that you should be aware of.

Disputes and chargebacks

You should be vigilant for disputes and chargebacks as these may occur more often when using ecommerce payments. This guide from Adyen shows how you can manage these in Adyen Essentials.


There are different pricing schemes for ecommerce payments which are often higher than in-person payments. For example iDeal payment cost €0.25 per transaction.