How can I refund a payment?

Step 1 - Submit a refund via Adyen Essentials

  1. Log in to Adyen Essentials
  2. Go to Payments
  3. Search for the payment you want to refund
  4. Open the payment and adjust the amount to be refunded
  5. Select Refund payment to refund the amount

Step 2 - Make a refund correction in the Tebi App

  1. Open the app
  2. In the Menu () go to Sales
  3. In the top right corner (⁝≡) got to the Sales List
  4. Select the day that contains the invoice in question at the center top of the screen
  5. Find the right invoice by scrolling or searching
  6. Click on ⋯ and Correct products
  7. Delete the product(s) in the invoice to be refunded
  8. Press Refund
  9. Select payment method Card or Cash > Refund

Possible reasons you can’t make a refund in Adyen Essentials

Is the refund button unavailable, or you can’t make a refund? This can happen for one of the following reasons: