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Tebi Guide for Bakeries

Welcome to Tebi’s guide for Bakeries! Here, you’ll find a step-by-step process to help you set up everything you need to create a successful business.


If you haven’t signed up to Tebi yet, make sure to complete the Onboarding steps first. In short, this comes down to:

Log in to Tebi

Log in to Tebi: in the Back Office, Tebi App and on your terminals.

Set up your Prep Station

Start by adding a Prep Station for your bakery in the Tebi App. You can choose to set up a digital prep station or configure a printer to print prep order tickets. You can assign the Prep Station when creating a product.

Set up your Prep Station in the Tebi App

Create your first product

To kickstart your sales with Tebi, you’ll need to add your first product in the App or Back Office.

Add tags if you want to organize your products into groups for display on the Sale Screen. With tags, you can group ‘Pastries’, ‘Coffees’, or ‘Loaves’ together for easy access. A product can have multiple tags.

Adding tags to your products

Adding modifiers to your coffees and loaves

Add modifiers to customize orders and cater to customer preferences. Modifiers allow you to select different types of milk, add extra toppings to your cakes, or select gluten-free options for your bread.

Let’s take cappuccinos as an example, with the option to choose different types of milk which have an added cost. Start by creating separate products for each type of milk (e.g. oat milk, soy milk, and cow milk).

Now it’s time to create a product modifier group, which in this case would be ‘Milk’. You will add the modifiers (i.e. the different types of milks) and products that use the modifiers (i.e. coffees containing milk). Modifiers are added in the Back Office, not the App.

Another example of a modifier is whether the customer wants their loaf cut in slices or not. This is a modifier without an extra cost, meaning it is a note modifier. Create a note modifier for Sliced or not and include: ‘Sliced’ and ‘Not sliced’ as a note modifier to the tagged group ‘Loaves’.

Adding note modifier to your products

Adding your product to the Sales Screen

After creating your products and modifiers, the next step is to add them to your Sales Screen so that your staff can easily select products when processing orders. You can set up the grid of the Sale Screen however you like, e.g. with different tabs like ‘Bakery’ and ‘Coffee’, with tagged groups, and a variety of colors. Continue by adding your products to the Sale Screen.

In this example, you can see that the tagged group ‘Loaves’ is added to the Sale Screen, which includes the products ‘Seeded loaf’, ‘Poppyseed loaf’, ‘Whole wheat loaf’, and ‘Sourdough loaf’. They have been grouped together by adding the tag ‘Loaves’ when creating these products. If you click on the product ‘Seeded loaf’, you can select whether the customer wants it sliced, as it’s a mandatory modifier applied to the tagged group it’s in.

Adding products to your Bakery Sales Screen

Find out more about what you can do with Tebi Sales, like:

Go through the App settings

Many bakeries like to set their sales mode to counter sales, if customers order from you directly. When the sale is completed, the next sale will automatically start.

If you are serving multiple customers at the same time, you can also select service sales.

Go through the rest of the settings to make sure the App is set up the way you want. This also includes printing settings for receipts and prep stations.

Add users to the Tebi App

Give your team access to the Tebi App and assign a role to control what each user can access. You can add new users through the Back Office or the Tebi App.

Payment methods

  • If most of your payments are done by card, you can set this as your preferred payment method. In this way you do not have to select the payment method after every sale, allowing you to take payments faster. Flexibility has been built in to select a different payment method if needed.
  • In case the normal payment flow doesn’t work, or a customer has forgotten their wallet, you can enable QR payments.
  • If your terminal is broken and you’re waiting to receive a new one, use QR payments or accept payments through Tap to Pay on iPhone.
  • Enable cash as a payment method. Tebi allows you to follow cash movement and keep count of cash and tips.
  • Create customer accounts for regulars or business partners, making it quick and easy to add them to sales, and allowing them to pay after delivery or service.

Terminal display

You can enable tipping in the Tebi Back Office under Terminals. You can select up to four tipping options in percentage or amount.

You can also personalize the customer-facing display, to showcase your brand and blocking access to Tebi and other apps when a device is within reach of a customer.

Discover other available features

  • Floor plan: set up a floor plan if you work with seating, so you can assign invoices to a table.
  • Reservations: manage your reservations with Tebi.

Tebi administration

Find out more about how to access your financial data and generate reports: see Tebi administration.

Troubleshooting and support

Congratulations, you’re all set up. If you’re facing any issues along the way, take a look at our troubleshooting articles or contact [email protected]