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How to order a terminal

Set up Tebi Payments

If you would like to order a terminal through Tebi, you need to set up Tebi Payments first. In that case your payment provider will be Adyen. By using Tebi Payments the terminal and app are fully integrated, saving you a lot of time.

If you use your own terminal (without an Adyen contract), payments won’t be transferred to your terminal automatically. Entering manual payments is time consuming and error prone.

Order a new terminal

You can choose between various models depending on your needs.

  • Go to the Tebi Back Office > Terminals
  • Go to ‘Terminal orders’ and click Order terminals
  • Select the product and quantity by clicking on the +
  • Choose an address where somebody is present to receive the shipment. Shipments typically take 1-3 working days, and are delivered within office hours.
  • Confirm order
  • Select the box ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’
  • Click Place order
  • There is no need to pay up front for terminals. Your terminal order will be included on your next Tebi invoice. Payment for the terminals will be taken from future payouts.