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Product Fields

The table below describes each piece of information that is used in a product in Tebi:

Product field nameName in upload templateValues in upload templateDescription
GTINGTIN8 to 14 digit codeThe Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is a universal ID for your product, found on the barcode of a product. To maintain consistency of your products and reports it is vital that GTINs are unique numbers and are only used for a single product.

GTIN is also known as EAN, UPC, ISBN and JAN. If this field is left blank, a GTIN will be automatically generated by Tebi.

Note: Once the GTIN is created and the product has been saved, it cannot be changed.
Name (mandatory)NAME (mandatory)Free formatThe full name of your product. This name will be used in reports and searches.
Short nameSHORT_NAMEFree formatThe short name is an easy to remember name for the product. This name will appear on the product button on the Sale Screen. If left blank, the full name will appear by default.
ColorCOLOR_INDEX0 - 14 (0 equals the first and 14 equals the last color listed in the product editor in the Tebi App or Back Office)

The recommendation is to fill in the properties in the Tebi App or Back Office.
The color for the product tile in the Sale Screen.
Status (mandatory)STATUS (mandatory)ACTIVE, DRAFT or ARCHIVEDThe status determines whether the product is available for sale or not. Only active products will be available while ordering.
SKUSKUUnique number combination made up of letters and numbersStock Keeping Unit (SKU), a unique identifier for your products. SKUs are metadata and will not appear in the Tebi App. If you don’t use SKUs, leave this field blank.
DescriptionDESCRIPTIONFree formatExtra information about your product that you cannot add in other fields. E.g., add sales recommendations for staff so that they can answer questions on the product. Whatever you enter here will become searchable from the Sale Screen, and in the product details in the Sale Screen when you long press a product.
Tax typeTAX_TYPEVAT_STANDARD, VAT_REDUCED, VAT_ZER0 or VAT_EXEMPTThis is the type of tax payable over your product or service. It can be VAT or sales tax, depending on your region.
N/ACURRENCY_CODE (mandatory)EUR, GBP, USD etc.The short, three character code for your currency. E.g., EUR, GBP or USD.
Buying price (mandatory)NET_PURCHASE_PRICE (mandatory)Use dots and not comma between the decimals of pricesThe amount it costs you to buy and/or make the product, excluding tax. Tebi uses this to calculate the margin on a product.
Sales priceDISPLAY_SALES_PRICEUse dots and not comma between the decimals of pricesThe amount you will charge customers for your product, including or excluding tax depending on the tax type you select below.
Reduced tax partREDUCED_VAT_PARTUse dots and not comma between the decimals of pricesFor mixed-tax products, the amount of the sales price that should be charged at a reduced tax rate.

E.g., you sell a gin tonic for €8. It is two products sold separately: gin (€5, VAT 21%) and tonic water (€3, VAT 9%). Under Reduced tax part put ‘3’.
TagsTAGSE.g. coffee or IPA’sOrganize your products into groups with tags for display on the Sale Screen. E.g., group all coffee products under one category by giving cappuccino, espresso and latte the tag coffee.

Tags are used for searching and discovering products.
PropertiesPROPERTIESE.g. year=200,color=red,country=France

The recommendation is to fill in the properties in the Tebi App or Back Office.
Give your product properties (e.g., size or color) for more information. This will be visible when you long press on a product tile in the Sale Screen. Properties are used for searching and discovering products.
Categories for reportingREPORTING_CATEGORYE.g. drinks or foodUse categories to organize your products into groups for reporting purposes.
N/AUNITLeave blank.
N/AQUANTITYLeave blank.
Prep StationPREP_STATIONSelect a Prep Station in the Tebi App or Back Office.The name of the Prep Station where this product is produced. When the product is ordered, a ticket will be sent to that station.
Default courseDEFAULT_COURSESelect a default course in the Tebi App or Back Office.Assign a product to a default course. Find out how to add courses.
Preparation priorityPREPARATION_PRIORITYLow, Medium or HighConfigure the order in which products will be shown in a prep ticket. Higher priority products will appear higher in the ticket.
Modifier onlyMODIFIER_ONLYTRUE or FALSEWhen the ‘modifier only’ switch is turned on or set to TRUE, this product is only available as a modifier on another product. If the switch is turned off or set to FALSE the product will also be available as a stand-alone product. Find out how to add product modifiers.
ImageIMAGE_REFERENCEUpload images in the Tebi App or Back office.he image will be visible in the products overview, or when you long press on a product tile on the Grid.