Setting up and using Inventory

How inventory works

Tebi’s inventory allows precision tracking of product sales and stock purchases to make sure you never oversell and to keep your margins perfectly accurate. It uses a First-In-First-Out system to accurately account for the cost of individual products as they are sold, purchased or written off. 

Enable inventory for a product

screenshot showing the setup inventory screen

Inventory in the sale screen

sales grid buttons with stock levels search product window

Adjusting inventory

Use this when you receive a resupply of new stock or lose items to breakage. As noted above, inventory adjustments are effectively purchase or sales invoices which affect margins. 

screenshot showing adjust stock levels window

Counting inventory

This is helpful when doing a stock count or to return stock to a set, known amount. #Note# : Any differences between the existing and previous inventory level will be managed through a zero-value adjustment. This means if you have lower stock the sale price will be 0, and if you have higher stock the purchase price will be 0. Both will affect your product margins.

To adjust inventory after a stock count:

Marking products as out of stock

This will remove all remaining inventory by writing the products off with a sale price of 0. 

Adding inventory purchases in bulk

Use the ‘inventory purchases’ to add inventory items to your stock, including varying purchase prices and different purchase dates.

To add inventory purchases in bulk:

Adjusting in bulk for inventory counts

You can override current inventory levels in bulk after performing an inventory count. Uploading an inventory count adjusts the current inventory level by deducting or adding each piece of inventory with a purchase or sale price of 0.0. #Note#: as this is essentially ‘writing off’ products it will affect the calculation of margins when products have been adjusted.

To adjust inventory in bulk:

Disable inventory tracking

You can disable inventory tracking, which will automatically set your inventory level to 0 and turn off inventory features. 

To disable inventory tracking: