Adding product modifiers or notes to Tebi

Before we get started, a quick note about what product modifiers are. Think of modifiers as the add-ons or customizations that your customers can choose for a product. Perhaps it’s extra bacon on a burger or oat milk in a cappuccino. Tebi’s modifiers are quite flexible. A modifier can cost extra or it can be free. It can be optional or it can be mandatory. You can even apply multiple modifiers to a product at once.

Notes are a form of internal communication that can be used for allergies, dietary requirements or whether a coffee should be prepared in a to-go cup.

How do modifiers and notes work?

The product ‘Cappuccino’ takes modifiers: Whole milk, Oat milk and Soy milk. Each of these types of milk is first added as a product with the setting Modifier only set to ‘TRUE’. If you also want to sell the modifier as a separate product, leave the Modifier only switch turned off. Then, in the Tebi Back Office > Modifiers, these modifiers are assigned to the products they apply to, such as ‘Cappuccino’. See the example below:

Backoffice Discount Screenshot

To add product modifiers:

Backoffice Product List Screenshot Backoffice Product Modifier Toggle Screenshot Backoffice Modifier List Screenshot App Sales Screen Edit Product Screenshet

With your product modifiers added, it’s time to design your Floor Plan.