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What’s new with Tebi Payments?

You might have noticed a few new things happening with Tebi Payments. That’s no accident. Over the past year, since we first launched Tebi Payments, we’ve listened to a lot of feedback about how payments can be improved. We’re introducing two payment modes to suit different types of operations. 

Counter sales

**This works in businesses where consumers order, pay, and receive their products shortly afterward. When you finish a sale, the next one will start automatically.
Especially useful in retail stores, bakeries, coffee stands, and market stalls. 

Service sales

This type of sale is suitable for your business if you are serving at the table; if multiple users use the same POS device and often at the same time. You start a payment and can move straight on to the next sale so that you can keep making sales while payments are in progress.
Especially useful in cafes and restaurants with multiple staff members and limited POS devices. 

Take payments faster with QuickPay

We’ve found that around 80% of payments happen the same way: most are card transactions without tips. QuickPay is your shortcut to your most used payment method. With QuickPay enabled you skip the screen on the POS to select payment methods or apply tips (tips will still be prompted on the terminal if enabled). Start using QuickPay today.

Another way to pay: QR payments

For only 25c per transaction, you can take iDeal (or credit card) payments using the Tebi POS. This is a great backup option so that you can keep selling if your terminal is damaged or the power goes out, or in any other emergency. Instead of payment on the terminal, a QR code will be displayed on the POS, and your customer scans the code and completes the online checkout. Start taking QR payments today.

Make last-minute changes

Did you know you can change what’s in a sale as a customer is settling up? Great for when you’re reviewing the bill with a customer and you need to add or remove products without going back and forth. 

Get in touch here with any questions or other payment ideas.

Streamline kitchen operations with coursing and our new prep station

Today there is a whole new prep station to make life easier in the kitchen and front of house. The new coursing feature makes it a breeze to manage complex multi-stage meals while the digital prep station has been revamped to help you focus on what you’re working on. 

Prep Station Screenshot

Simplify complex menus by grouping and serving products through courses. Learn how to start using coursing here.

Edit Invoice Details Screenshot

Focus on what’s important with ticket selections. Plus, everything is now included in one ticket on the digital prep station: new products on order, updates to order, and changes to submitted products all appear within the same ticket.

Now you can communicate dietary requirements, preferences and other information straight to the kitchen with sale notes.

Column vs Gallery comparison

New ways to see what’s next: use Column view if your prep tickets are longer or more complex and use Gallery view if you manage lots of smaller, faster orders. If you are curious to see both views in action, have a look at these videos.

Preration Priority Screenshot

Set where a product appears in a prep ticket with preparation priority. Especially useful when you’ve items on the same prep ticket with very different preparation times. Add a prep station directly from the Tebi app.

Insights Screenshot

Tebi Insights

We have heard from many of you that having visibility on your business financials is key. With the new Insights tab, you can spot trends, compare your day and weekly revenue and make better decisions.
Tebi Insights is a centralized screen where you can see live data about your daily revenue hour by hour. Additionally, you can compare how your current day performs against another day of your choice.

This feature is the very beginning of a set of tools and features to get a better understanding of your business financials and operations so you can make data-informed decisions. Please let us know if you have any requirements and feedback.

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