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[Preview] What’s new with Tebi Payments?

You might have noticed a few new things happening with Tebi Payments. That’s no accident. Over the past year, since we first launched Tebi Payments, we’ve listened to a lot of feedback about how payments can be improved. We’re introducing two payment modes to suit different types of operations.

Counter sales

This type of sale is suitable for your business if you have an order-to-pay workflow. The sale is always visible on your display until it is paid. After that, you’re ready to take a new sale.

Service sale

This type of sale is suitable for your business if you are serving at the table; if multiple users use the same POS device and often at the same time. You start a payment and can move straight on to the next sale so that you can keep making sales while payments are in progress.

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Refer a business

You can now refer a business to us from inside the app. Do you know other business owners who would benefit from using Tebi? Let us know!

Refer a business from the app menu or head to the Tebi back office and go to the Referral. Our sales team will follow up with you and the referred business!

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