Release 0.60

pos sign in screen

Sign in to Tebi via email address

As of today, Jan 4th, you have a faster and more secure way to sign in to Tebi. You must use your owner’s email address, which is a Google account, and the associated password. If you run more than one business with Tebi, please consider that each business has an owner email address & associated password.

You must use the Google account associated with your owner’s email address to access Tebi. To access, please use:

Follow these instructions to sign in to the Tebi POS app, Tebi Office (formerly known as the back office), and terminal app.

After you’ve updated to the latest version, we recommend signing out and then signing back in to each of your devices when you have a quiet moment, otherwise you may need to do this during your regular operating hours. If you have any issues with signing in, please contact us at [email protected].

discount report

New report: Discount Report

From today, a new report type is available: ‘Discount Report’. This report clusters the product revenue by type of discount. Under each type of discount, you will be able to see:

To access the ‘Discount Report’, go to the Tebi Office, then select the date range that you’re interested in.

digital receipt

Digital receipt

If you want to get rid of paper receipts, now you can! You can prompt a QR code from each sale that your customers can scan to save a pdf receipt on their phones.